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Setting Up Artwork or Logo

So, you want to personalize your stamp or engraving with your own logo. You're in luck because it can be done!

We need a good quality image in the following formats: jpg, gif, pdf, ai, or cdr. If the image requires excessive work to be camera ready, there will be an additional fee for cleanup and process time.

Scanned images
If your image is, for example, a signature or something that is hand written and you wish to scan it, please scan it in at 600 dpi and have it cropped to the size of the image rather than scanning in the whole sheet. We request that you try to keep your files to under 2MB.

What type of design is good?
Simple designs are best. That being said, if your artwork can be converted into a two-color (black and white) image satisfactorily, most anything will work.

For most stamps, there is no artwork charge. The exceptions are when it's a very specific design and we have to clean it up excessively OR redraw the whole design.

For engraving, the artwork fee is approximately $35.00 and is a one-time fee per logo/design. If the design needs to be edited after approval, there will be another fee dependant on what type of editing and time used.

Any further questions can be directed to us at sales@rsrubberstamp.com.